Analog-to-digital conversion is an electronic procedure in which a continually variable (analog) signal is modified, without having altering its critical written content, right into a multi-level (electronic) sign.

The enter to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) consists of a voltage that may differ among the a theoretically infinite amount of values. Illustrations are sine waves, the waveforms symbolizing human speech, and also the signals from a common television camera. The output of the ADC, in distinction, has defined stages or states. The quantity of states is sort of usually a power of two -- which is, two, 4, 8, 16, and so forth. The best electronic signals have only two states, and therefore are referred to as binary. All complete quantities can be represented in binary variety as strings of kinds and zeros.

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Electronic alerts propagate additional competently than analog indicators, mainly for the reason that digital impulses, that happen to be well-defined and orderly, are easier for electronic circuits to differentiate from sound, which can be chaotic. This can be the chief benefit of digital modes in communications. Pcs "talk" and "think" with regards to binary digital data; though a microprocessor can analyze analog information, it will have to be converted into electronic form to the laptop to produce feeling of it.

A typical phone modem tends to make use of an ADC to convert the incoming audio from the twisted-pair line into alerts the computer can realize. In the digital signal processing process, an ADC is necessary if the signal input is analog.

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