The purpose of an RTC or perhaps a serious time clock is always to give precise time and day which often can be used for numerous purposes. RTC can be an digital machine inside the kind of an Built-in Chip (IC) available in various packaging possibilities. It really is driven by an internal lithium battery. As being a consequence of which even though the ability on the technique is turned off, the RTC clock retains working.

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It performs an important position during the genuine time units like digital clock, attendance system, digital digital camera etcetera. In apps in which time stamp is required, RTC is a good option. Using RTC for planning these software has generally been a great designer?¡¥s option although the beginning may become a bit tricky.

Though creating any serious time method which specials with time, there are two means of handling the time element. One particular is usually to create some time internally and that is finished by programming the timers on the controller; along with the other is to use an RTC. The next desk exhibits the comparison of those procedures though building a real time application.

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