75% in the excellent complications in SMT creation approach are relevant towards the printing system of solder paste printing device. The true secret details to determine the standard of solder paste printing system tend to be the next. Guangshengde solder paste printing machine will share along with you

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SMT output line

1?¡é Display cleansing of solder paste printing device

All automated solder paste printing machines are dry cleansing, damp cleaning and vacuum cleansing. Along with the advancement of SMT, the hole is small and the velocity is rapidly. Several sharp factors and tin on PCB are connected to cleaning. The quality of computerized cleansing is right associated to the high-quality of products. The development of cleansing functionality can notice the significant effectiveness of production. In 2006, the domestic solder paste printing equipment was enormously improved in cleaning. Unbiased cleansing system, new cleaning strategy, including effective suction admirer vacuum adsorption method, additional uniform liquor spray program, far more successful cleaning technique, can notice the benign and constant printing of finepitch.

2?¡é Picture positioning element of automatic solder paste printing equipment

The image positioning of automated solder paste printing device depends on the positioning algorithm, and that is also one particular on the core algorithms of automatic visual printing equipment. With all the growing output efficiency of PCB, the electronic parts about the board have become smaller sized and smaller, which puts forward larger requirements for positioning precision and speed. At the moment, the vast majority of automated vision printing device positioning algorithm is based within the impression grey level, throughout the autocorrelation matching to accomplish. For the copper clad plate with superior floor uniformity, the grey algorithm can nicely comprehensive the functionality of computerized positioning. Having said that, the appearance of a lot more tinplate, gold plate and versatile PCB brings wonderful challenge to grey positioning. Thanks to tin plating, the surface area uniformity of gold-plated plate is not really very good, and also the reflection level is superior, that makes the imaging brightness of mark stage on PCB board drastically distinctive, and increases the false detection charge and skipped detection rate of gray positioning. Because of towards the bad flatness in the floor of flexible board, the graphic of mark details on PCB may even have a large difference in brightness, and the size and form of mark details will change. These problems are challenging to beat based on gray positioning algorithm. As well as location algorithm based mostly on geometry can very well adapt to the attraction of these troubles.

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Because the professional geometric positioning tools on the market are more costly, usually around ten thousand yuan. Thinking of the cost components, the vast majority of automatic visual printing machines use rather low-priced common positioning tools centered on grey stage. Guangshengde solder paste printing push has adopted geometric positioning resources on all versions. By means of this technological transformation, the positioning potential of tinplate, gold plate and flexible PCB board has long been enormously improved. According to the industry reflection, the proper identification of current mark factors is often understood.

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3?¡é Steel display screen demoulding mode of automated solder paste printing device

The demoulding top quality of automated solder paste printing equipment specifically influences the printing outcome. Frequently, automated visible printing equipment has two demoulding modes

one. "Start scraper initially and demould later" is commonly used, mainly easy PCB board;

2. "Demoulding right before scraper", applying thinner PCB board, and so forth;

Automated solder paste printing machine from your viewpoint of use: large speed and security could be the fundamental need. Mark place recognition of printing press is the to start with variable from the device: if mark place recognition is lousy, mark stage recognition usually happens, but handbook intervention affects creation, and corresponding operators should be added to boost the use value.

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